Walker Furniture donates mattresses to fire stations

Walker Furniture-webWalker Furniture CEO Larry Alterwitz.

June 2018—

Walker Furniture has always had a special relationship with its hometown of Las Vegas and its citizens. So, when the company learned that Clark County’s 30 fire stations were in dire need of new mattresses, it was an easy decision for the store.

Walker to the rescue!

In June, Walker Furniture initiated Project Firehouse, and began replacing the old mattresses at the county’s fire stations with new ones. Walker co-owner Linda Alterwitz-Mizrahi expects all the stations to have new mattresses by the end of summer. “When we heard about their situation, we knew just what we wanted to do,” Alterwitz-Mizrahi said.

Like most county budgets across the nation, Clark County has had to prioritize due to recent budget cuts. Deputy County Fire Chief Jeff Buchanan said his department has placed response time over in-station comforts for years now, and that came at the expense of his firefighters’ rest. “A fire station is like a busy hotel,” Buchanan told Las Vegas television station KTNV. “People are coming in and out of those buildings and using the mattresses.” Eventually those mattresses wear out, he said.

With more than 150,000 responses each year, Clark County has the busiest fire department in the state and one of the busiest in the country. Buchanan said it’s important that his firefighters get their rest.

“Finding a good sleep cycle is almost impossible for a firefighter,” Buchanan said. “Sleep deprivation leads to poor health, but these mattresses are going to be a huge benefit for our men and women. “We’re very grateful to Walker Furniture.”

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