Times change. Has your store?

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October 2017—

HFA can help you with business-building changes.

There was a time when good people skills, responsible money management and a generous helping of common sense were all you needed to run a furniture store.

Furniture was a familiar product. Once you created relationships with the companies or their reps that you wanted to buy from, you were on your way to becoming a retailer. Owning a building in a good location, generally downtown, sealed the deal.

These days running a furniture store is complicated. The Home Furnishings Association is in the solutions business. Between programs we’ve developed and consultants and service providers we know, we can help.

The HFA participates in the High Point and Las Vegas furniture markets twice a year. You can find us and representatives of service providers at the Retailer Resource Center (we’re on the first floor of Plaza Suites in High Point this month). In addition to the convenience of having many resources in one place, we offer three days of seminars on subjects important to running a successful store—our vetted experts cover everything from technology, marketing and advertising to sales training and operations.

These are just a few ways the Home Furnishings Association can help you. But what about your customers? How can you help them? How do you get on their radar? Consumers have many furniture-buying options and you as the local retailer should be one of the top ones. But you must be where they are looking and that’s online.

You may not be an online, digital marketing expert but you know more about choosing furniture than most people surfing web sites. You know which suppliers offer good value for the money and reliable durability and performance. You know which suppliers can best get product to your area. Everything looks “good-ish” on the internet but when it arrives, the reality can be another story. That piece of furniture may have traveled across the country sharing a truck with oil field equipment. Furnishings rarely win those battles for space.

If you aren’t using the free HFA Buying Source program, we can help you explore that benefit. If you’re already enrolled in the Buying Source group, you can achieve the highest possible ROI from your advertising dollars with website and digital solutions that are designed to match your brand through the OmniSource Marketing Solution.

This service includes everything from building responsive web sites that can support the steady traffic that digital marketing can produce to dedicated account managers to coordinate your personal and customized message. Your online presence can be user-friendly, adapt to any device your customers use, show product, and allow your customers to complete their purchases even after they’ve left your store. And the best part is that you don’t have to know how to do any of this.

You only need to be able to describe what you want to do. OmniSource account managers have the technology skills to deliver your message in the most effective ways.

Keeping up with changing times isn’t an option. It’s necessary for your success. Having an effective online presence isn’t an option. The Home Furnishings Association can help. Let us be one of your first calls as you work on your business.

RetailerNOW is changing.

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About the Author

Mary Frye
Mary Frye is the Home Furnishings Association’s executive vice president. She can be reached at mfrye@myhfa.org or 916.757.1162.