Survey: Consumers lack information on mattress support systems

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November 2018—

A mattresses support system is one of the strongest selling points it has going for it. But a recent survey shows that most retail sales associates say the customers they work with have little knowledge about those support systems.

The survey is a partnership between the Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Department at High Point University in North Carolina and the Specialty Sleep Association. More than 100 retail sales associates and retail buyers took part in the survey. HPU student Sara led the project.

Seaford’s work found that 50 percent of retailers said customers do not care about a support system and that 82 percent of the sales associates said customers are unlikely to link the foundational support of their mattress to its performance. Her research concludes there is a strong need to educate customers about the role mattress foundations play in sleep quality. Foundations and frames need to be at the forefront of the conversation and tied to mattress quality.