Social media—is it worth it?

Social Media-Is it worth it_web

October 2017—

Social media—despite doubling in visit share volume since 2015—still lags compared to other digital marketing channels, according to a recent Adobe retail trend report.

Although Adobe’s report focused on retail trends in consumer electronics and apparel (based on consumer data from more than 50 billion visits to more than 250 U.S. retail websites between Jan 2015 and June 2017), there are takeaways for furniture retailers.

• While mobile visits have almost caught up to desktop visits, right now revenue is driven primarily by desktop. Desktop visits are worth about 4x as much as a smartphone visit but smartphone visits will overtake desktop by the end of this year.

• Organic search is the number one channel, paid search is number two.

• Most revenue from email channel comes in the morning (10am peak), but late night seems to be when a visit is most likely to convert.

• Social and display ad conversion spike up after 11pm, suggesting impulse buys.

• Paid and organic search are less prone to impulse and peak in conversion in the afternoon.

• Don’t limit your ad schedule to the daytime.

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