Retail Home Furnishings Foundation Sponsors Executive Education

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June 2018—

The Retail Home Furnishings Association (RHFF), an organization created by retailers to provide financial support for education that benefits the retail home furnishings industry, awarded 13 scholarships for the Home Furnishings Leadership Institute. The Institute was developed by the Home Furnishings Association (HFA) in conjunction with the Executive Education program at Louisiana State University (LSU). The inaugural program began June 19 and ran through June 22.

Foundation chairman Dennis Novosel, Stoney Creek Furniture, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Can., remembers the executive training he participated in through the national organization, a forerunner of HFA, and the difference it made in how he ran his business and the success he enjoyed. He and other RHFF board members are pleased the scholarships being awarded will equip up-and-coming leaders for careers in home furnishings.

The RHFF has a history of funding education and programs that advance and improve the professionalism of home furnishings retailers.
Sharron Bradley, CEO of the Home Furnishings Association and the Foundation’s Secretary, believes that supporting strategic education like that offered by the Leadership Institute is healthy for the future of the home furnishings industry. Bradley says, “Providing tools to be successful as retailers creates more reasons to choose careers in this industry. And the Association is always looking for ways to attract talent to join us in making home furnishings matter.”

Learn more about the LSU Leadership Program that was held June 19-22, 2018.