Rapper DJ Khaled, El Dorado team up to debut new furniture line

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September 2018—


When Global Furniture approached HFA member El Dorado Furniture this summer with the idea of launching its new furniture line from Hip-hop producer and prolific Snapchatter DJ Khaled, there was no hesitation.

“We said absolutely right from the start,” said Melissa Alonso, public relations and events associate for El Dorado. “We could see that it was a great opportunity for us and it was a great opportunity for Global, too.”

After Khaled used his massive social media platform to announce his new line’s debut, more than 300 people lined up outside El Dorado’s Pembroke Pines, Fla., store on Aug. 30 for a chance to see the rapper who lives in Miami.

Alonso said El Dorado’s role in publicizing the event was dictated by when Khaled informed his followers. “Once he made it public we followed behind him on our own (social media),” Alonso said.
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Khaled has a loyal—and ever-growing—social media following with nearly 12 million followers on Instagram and another 4 million on Twitter. His Snaps on Snapchat are viewed by as many as 4 million people, according to Forbes.

Alonso said fans were lined up outside the store long before it opened.

In a career that stretches back more than 25 years, Khaled has worn the hats of DJ, producer, record label exec and big-time social media persona. Now he’s venturing into the world of furniture.

His line, We the Best Home, is a take off from his music company, We the Best Music. The line that launched at El Dorado is a new venture with designer collective Goldition. Not surprisingly, many of the pieces are dripping in gold.

“My home is my castle, and it’s a sacred place,” Khaled said in a release. “I wanted to create something that highlighted how important our homes are to our lives — it’s where we spend time with family. It’s where we make memories. It’s where we raise our children.”

There are five collections in the line, led by the Baller Collection, which features pieces that are all gilded in gold paint including Khaled’s signature piece, a tall throne.

Alonso said online orders for the furniture and accessories are outpacing in-store purchases. “I think (the line) reflects his lifestyle, which is one of royalty,” says Alonso. “He’s always encouraging his fans to be the best they can be. This furniture is just one way to do that.”

Having Khaled show off his new line at El Dorado seemed only fitting, according to Alonso. Khaled shared with store officials that he bought his first furniture for his home at an El Dorado store. “So the fact that his line is exclusively at El Dorado Furniture is very exciting,” she said. “We are definitely looking forward to the success of this furniture collection.”

Early feedback from customers has been encouraging, said Alonso. She said the line has a “royalty” feel to it. “Khaled believes everyone should live like “kings and queens” at home, in their special sacred place, and the design elements and details in these pieces helps for customers to feel this,” said Alonso.