Massey’s donates books to local libraries


May 2018—

HFA member Massey’s Furniture Barn has donated about $11,000 to four school libraries along with one community library.

It’s become an annual tradition at the store, said Shawn Massey, the store’s owner. The store saves up all year, donating $2 from every purchase. Massey says he got the idea from his son, who brought home some books from school.

“It was torn and tattered, seen better days. I talked to some of my employees and we decided that would be a good area for us to take control of our donations and really focus on one benefit instead of a bunch of different ones. I think we can make more of a difference if we give to one thing,” said Massey.

Massey says each book bought is stamped to create a legacy. He and his workers want to see just how many books they can add to local libraries over the coming years. This is the third year for the store’s Bucks for Books program.