Market seminars help retailers ‘stay on top of change’

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Seth Weisblatt didn’t just sit and listen during a seminar in the Home Furnishings Association’s Retailer Resource Center at the Las Vegas Market in January. He stood up and participated.

Weisblatt, owner of Sam’s Furniture & Appliances in Halton City, Texas, attended a presentation by Scott Hill, co-founder and executive chairman at PERQ. The firm engineers retailers’ websites to capture information about browsers and pull them into the stores.

Weisblatt testified that it works.

Seth Weisblatt
Seth Weisblatt, owner of Sam’s Furniture & Appliances in Halton City, Texas.

“If you’re on the website shopping, I want to know who you are,” he said. “That’s essentially what PERQ does.” The information creates more opportunities to make sales.

“I want them to come into my store,” Weisblatt said of online shoppers. “One hundred percent of my business is in the store. This is 2019. If you don’t have access to this data, you can’t make your business better.”

Weisblatt was impressed by the strong attendance at HFA seminars in Las Vegas. Hill’s presentation, “How A.I. can increase e-commerce and in-store sales,” drew 66 people. Another seminar on a similar topic, “Turn website visitors into customers” by Ken Widger of MicroD, packed 86 people into a space with 80 chairs. The average attendance for 12 seminars was 38, according to Kaprice Crawford, HFA’s education director.

“I think the resources you guys put together are top class,” Weisblatt said. “It resonates to the awareness of retailers and the industry that we have to stay on top of change.”

Traffic in the RRC, where dozens of vendors offered information about the latest products and services for HFA members, was heavy. HFA scanned 1,363 badges at the RRC entrance, including more than 400 on each of the market’s first three days.