Malouf Foundation wants to combat human trafficking


October 2017—

Upscale bedding accessories maker Malouf is taking a stand against human trafficking that will kick off during Las Vegas Market in January. Through the Malouf Foundation, the company will focus efforts and funding to become a force against human trafficking by supporting non-profit and law enforcement endeavors to free innocent victims and prosecute criminals, as well as to aid in the aftercare and rehabilitation of child survivors.

“When you think about your role and responsibilities to make the world and our communities a better place, there is no worse crime and no greater cause than child sex trafficking,” said Sam Malouf, CEO of Malouf. “It’s not an easy topic to discuss, but it’s a harsh reality that needs our voices and our actions.”

For the past two years, the Malouf Foundation has provided bedding for aftercare centers throughout the world set up by Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization that rescues children from child sex trafficking. When Sam Malouf met O.U.R. CEO Tim Ballard through the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards program, a partnership was born.

“We are in awe at the work O.U.R. does and the genuine goodness of Tim and everyone involved with the organization,” Sam Malouf said. “They lit a spark, and everyone in our company has been inspired to do more; to do something that makes a real difference.”

That “something” will start during Human Trafficking Awareness Month with an industry event Jan.28 during Las Vegas Market featuring Ballard as the keynote speaker. The company plans to introduce ways industry partners and friends can get involved to help the more than 2 million children living as sex slaves, including many here in the United States.

In addition, Malouf will launch a new line of products that raise funds for the Malouf Foundation’s human trafficking efforts. Those funds will support efforts like rescue missions, law enforcement resources, aftercare programs and education initiatives.

“We’ve built great relationships in the industry with successful and awe-inspiring people that have giving hearts,” said Mike Douglas, vice president of sales for Malouf. “We know that when they hear these stories and they see the scope of the problem, they’re going to want to help. If we work together, we can have an incredible impact.”

For additional information about the January event, visit or email the Malouf Foundation at