Good, Better, Best Buy!


March 2017—

Learn how Best Buy can help you sell more furniture.

Yes, we’re referencing the salesfloor jargon that’s helped close sales for years. The Home Furnishings Association now offers the tremendous benefit of Best Buy for Business to members. This means we’re talking about the ultimate in good, better, best.

The Best Buy for Business team specializes in working in all aspects of the home furnishings industry and has been doing so for more than eight years. They can help you with all your technology needs from inception to complete installation with assistance from the Pre-Sales Engineering team. New store set up? No problem. Tablets for your sales team? One of their specialties! The Best Buy for Business program is the only technology source that covers all aspects from design and installation to product and supply, with one-on-one account management and the Best Buy retail stores to facilitate order fulfillment.

Not only can you use this program for your company’s needs, but there’s no reason to think your own home equipment needs should be lacking all the bells and whistles you deserve; but back to your company. Are you looking for new and different rewards and incentives for your valuable employees? What about a fitness tracker or virtual reality headset for your top sales person; they’re trendy and fun to have and talk about. The Best Buy program provides an exciting edge you may have only wished you could offer. Enthusiastic employees create happy customers and gifts from Best Buy can create this by showing how much you appreciate your employees.

Looking for general office supplies? A POS terminal? How about walkie talkies for your staff? Ever think about digital signage? How about implementing a WIFI system that can also provide marketing analytics about your customers? The Best Buy for Business program can be a one-stop shop for all your tech needs and your portal is designed to offer the lowest prices on the market.

The thoughtful and compelling gifts with purchases you can feature after you do a little shopping on your very own portal for Best Buy for Business can be business drivers. Connected home devices are taking off and are becoming more and more prevalent in households across the country. Bundling a Smart Thermostat with a smart assistance device would introduce smart home technology to your customers. Door busters are another great way to generate excitement and to bring people into your stores. Offer a turbo charger for mobile phones to the first 20 customers each morning of your next weekend promotion.

While we’ve been told appliances are rarely a good gift choice, a robot that cleans the floors while the family is away can free everyone from a chore that no one wants to perform. What about a wireless speaker to go with that beautiful bedroom furniture or a television to complete the family room furnishings? Would that little girl’s room be perfect with a tablet designed just for kids or a gaming system to top off a teen’s room full of new furnishings? How about a crockpot for creating delicious meals to enjoy at a new dining room or kitchen table? There’s no risk to implementing the Gift-with-Purchase program for your business. This is a pay-as-you-go service, and you have no responsibility with post sale warranties because Best Buy takes care of that. Let Best Buy do what they do best, and you do what you do best, which is sell furniture!

Best Buy is committed to bringing you the largest selection of technology solutions for you and your customers.

The Best Buy for Business program has so many ways for you to make your mark on the relationship you have with your customers.

The hardest part may be choosing what great promotions you’re going to serve up for your business first. The possibilities are endless!

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About the Author

Mary Frye
Mary Frye is the Home Furnishings Association’s executive vice president. She can be reached at or 916.757.1162.