Country Woods Furniture owner faces uncertain future

Steve Cavanaugh photo by David Lane New Hampshire Union-LeaderSteve Cavanaugh in his showroom (Photo Credit: David Lane, New Hampshire Union-Leader)

After 35 years in business, Home Furnishings Association member Country Woods Furniture in Manchester, N.H., is closing its store. While it is looking for a new location, owner Steve Cavanaugh said, reopening is far from certain.

“The costs of doing business are exceeding our ability to generate a profit,” he said.

Country Woods sells quality furniture, Cavanaugh said, but most consumers prefer to pay less at “Big Box” stores. “The squeeze is on for the small guy.”

Cavanaugh has owned the family business since 2002. It began by selling unfinished products but for the past decade has also carried finished wood and upholstered home furnishings, mattresses and home accessories. Its present store has 10,000 square feet of space and five employees.

“We existed for 35 years, and we had a good run,” Cavanaugh said. “The business provided a good living for us for many years, and our employees were able to work locally. But things change.”

Cavanaugh plans to continue selling furniture through the store’s website — which it had not done in the past. “It’s not a real answer,” he said. “People want to touch and feel and examine the product.”

While he expects to look for something else to do next, Cavanaugh isn’t without hope of finding the right opportunity to reopen Country Woods Furniture.

“Never say never,” he said.

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