Is your Buying Group Free? (Ours is)


The Home Furnishings Association has entered new territory . . . buying program territory. The HFA Buying Source program, to be exact.

You may be wondering did we really need another buying group? The answer is we probably didn’t need just another buying group but rather one with its heart in a non-profit industry association.

Buying groups make sense. The purchase volume of a group of retailers allows for pricing and rebates that benefit both the buyer and the seller. The Association has even been asked what took us so long; why hadn’t we offered this service before. As you can imagine, we were busy doing other “association things” like government relations, education, networking, identifying and developing industry specialized services like insurance and financial programs, and compiling collective intelligence from some of the brightest and most generous business owners that own and operate retail companies.

However, buying groups began to morph into quasi-associations and we were faced with the question of whether we were doing the best job of meeting members’ needs without harnessing the buying power of the “unaffiliated” retailers, those not aligned with one of the established buying programs.

And that led to the research, analysis, and deliberation that has become the HFA Buying Source program. The Buying Source program is focused on assisting members by maximizing their purchasing power for furniture and bedding lines for their stores. Eligibility for the Buying Source is now a benefit of HFA membership. There is no additional cost and participating retailers can begin seeing savings as soon as they identify themselves to their vendors and place orders as part of the HFA Buying Source. Association membership reps can assist members with this simple process.

The HFA Buying Source program will offer significant savings with vendors that many retailers already do business with. These savings help members be more profitable and more competitive in their market place. While the Buying Source won’t open up lines that are unavailable to you because of territory exclusives, you will become acquainted with and recognized by vendors who you may not be doing business with now. When all things are equal—style, quality, availability—the vendor who is most profitable to you may become your new “favorite” source!

If you have a special program that is more advantageous to you than what is offered by the Buying Source, keep using it. The Buying Source is intended to add value to your purchasing power. If you have a vendor who isn’t on the Buying Source program now, please let us know and we’ll do our best to add them to the program.

The HFA is known for providing money-saving and time-saving services to members. We believe the addition of the Buying Source program takes the value of HFA Membership to new heights!

If you haven’t been contacted about the HFA Buying Source, contact the Association or visit and get started today.

Mary Frye is the Home Furnishings Association’s executive vice president. She can be reached at or 916.757.1162.

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Mary Frye
Mary Frye is the Home Furnishings Association’s executive vice president. She can be reached at or 916.757.1162.