HFA’s Networking Conference—In Your Words

Conference Quotes

May 2017—

We’re convinced this year’s HFA Networking Conference will make you a better, stronger retailer, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what you fellow retailers have to say.


“Whether from a speaker, vendor or other retailer, I always walk away from Conference with at least one idea I can implement and impact my business. And while I definitely like that, I would say that my favorite part of conference is the people. Getting to talk and share ideas with old friends and new friends. This is a people business and we are better individuals when we learn and share with others in our industry.”
Jim Fee
Stoney Creek Furniture


“If you want to stay interested, informed and excited about your business, come to this conference.”
Roger Bumps
Davis Furniture


“My staff and I come away with incredible ideas. We each implement our top three ideas as soon as we return home. The networking and education are amazing.”
Chris Cooley
Michael Alan Interiors


“The retail environment has changed more in the last five years than the last 50 years. The Conference exposes me to retail innovation, best-in-class retail operators, B2B partners, and new concepts to grow more profitably. I leave feeling re-energized.”
Andrew Tepperman
Tepperman’s Furniture


“Conference is an opportunity to pick the brains of people who do it differently. Fresh ideas, things we have not considered, or been resistant to. One idea can easily add a percentage point to the bottom line. The opportunities to socialize with other operators, big and small, and hear their stories and solutions, is priceless. While it is time away from the store, it’s also time away that can clear your mind and open it to alternatives that can make dramatic changes to your profitability and enjoyment.”
Stephen H. Kidder
Vermont Furniture Galleries


“The conference is a great opportunity for me to spend time with my industry peers to share, learn and grow as a furniture retailer. I’ve developed relationships with other retailers that I casually pass at market but at the conference we have a better opportunity to work together.”
Jeff Selik
Hillside Furniture


“I go to conference every year to take in the learning sessions, learn from other members, and catch up on government affairs issues.”
Wogie Badcock
Badcock Furniture


“I’ve found the HFA Networking Conference to be a great opportunity to meet people can help you in your business. You can even connect with a potential vendor or manufacturers’ rep. The retailers, reps and vendors attending the conference in San Antonio are the people who are “in the know” and they’re more than willing to offer advice and mentoring. Join the fun!”
Karen Craig


“Our first conference in 2010 I came back with 20 projects I wanted to implement and accomplish by December of that year. I held a meeting with our management as soon as I returned and we set a six-month schedule to implement each item on our list. By December 15th the last project was completed. We saved over $150,000 on several projects from information I learned at the conference and several projects have increased our profits. The information and sharing of ideas in invaluable.”
Sherry Sheely
Sheely’s Furniture & Appliance


“I attend conference because there’s safety in numbers. Stay with a pack, learn defensive measures, learn offensive maneuvers, staying one step ahead is more important today than ever before. And it’s fun.”
David Beckman,
Emerald Furniture