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February/March 2018—

Does your marketing message align with your actions?

As a fellow retailer, I understand and sympathize with the confusion that exists out there when you hear one thing from this guru and another contradictory piece of advice from the next.

This month I’m addressing the one thing business owners and marketers simply must shift their business toward—having an effective customer experience from beginning to end (and after).

Far too often I see retailers spend time and energy discovering what their unique selling and value position is, but then immediately blowing it through advertising that doesn’t support their place in the market.

In my stores, we promise to help you wake up happy. Our process to best fit your sleep needs with our world-class sleep systems is unmatched and we guarantee you will wake up happy with our 120 Wake Up Happy Guarantee. This is our unique selling position and value statement.

Now if our advertising was all about price—Buy it today! Get it tonight, No-interest financing!—there would be a glaring mismatch of our marketing message via our advertising. This is what I like to call the “whisper down the line” effect.

It’s quite possible your marketing message is well crafted but when it doesn’t match your advertising plan you will struggle and not maximize sales opportunities. Those customers who make it through the clutter and discover your store are bombarded with too much feature and not enough benefit. Finally, when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road most retailers default to Monty Hall and “Let’s Make a Deal” selling tactics.

And so, it goes, whispering down the line. The lead who was attracted to your business in the first place because of your effective marketing message has long since shut down. They will tune out and eventually move on to another option because your process to acquire, prescribe, propose, fulfill and keep are entirely different processes and messages that could quite possibly be those of five entirely different companies.

The single biggest place I see that business owners can plug the hole and shift their entire business in a new direction immediately would be to adopt a process of customer assessment.

The easiest thing to do this year, and one that you have absolute control of, would be to commit to a well thought out, purposeful sales process that is choreographed and keeps the customer in mind throughout the selling process.

Get to the truth of why they are in the market for your products and services. Assess the need, pinpoint why they are in front of you at this moment. Seek to help them understand what brought them to this point and how your products or services will never have them return to their current “pains” they are experiencing.

You can amplify the result of your selling process and choreography by creating a comfortable and relaxing assessment environment that keeps the focus on your conversation about their needs while leading to your eventual solution.

In our stores, once we committed to a defined selling process we began to see our sales take flight and reach higher levels, our customer confusion lowered and ultimately, we had happier customers that bought nicer, more expensive mattress sets while reviewing and referring more frequently.

Seek to match your marketing message throughout every touch point in your business this year and you will see your sales increase.

About the Author

Jeff Giagnocavo
Jeff Giagnocavo is owner of Gardner’s Mattress and More in Lancaster, Pa., a multi-unit destination boutique mattress store. He also co-wrote the book Mega Mattress Margins and Retail is Dead and created the industry’s only turn-key, done-for-you, sales-and-marketing machine called Automated Mattress Profits that creates, captures and converts prospects into paying customers.