10 Ways to Win Over Consumers in 2017

We Love Our Customers

May 4, 2017—

The NPD Group (a leading consumer market research company) recently released a list of 10 ways to win consumers hearts this year, based on their examination of retail sales data and industry trends and looking ahead to where retail is headed.

Here’s 6 of the tips that apply to the furniture industry, but click here for the full list of 10 ways from NPD.

  1. Give them all the feels—experience beats stuff
  2. Be ethical, transparent, and take a position—causes, actions, values beat lip service
  3. Market directly to them—segmented, targeted messages beat mass communication
  4. Make feeling safe, feel easy—smart home devices (and the furniture to accommodate them) beat old school devices (to the tune of a 90% growth from 2016-2018)
  5. Get personal—custom beats mass produced
  6. Help them prevent—prevention beats reaction (as in health and well-being, as in getting a good night’s sleep on the right mattress)