Hawaii 5-Wo

JULY 13, 2016-   The latest generation of family members leading C. S. Wo & Sons are five brothers who learned business and personal skills from their parents. Sometimes it was difficult telling the two lessons apart. By Robert Bell  ... Read More

Cash in on Rugs

JULY 13, 2016   Knowing the trends and display options is key By Sue Masaracchia-Roberts   Fashion and design in home décor hold more emphasis than ever before, providing an edgier way for those in the home furnishings market to compete. Nowhere... Read More

Draw Your Own Line In the Sand

JULY 13, 2015-   Determine your most profitable customers. Then go after them. By Jeff Giagnocavo   The title may seem confrontational but it shouldn’t. Manipulate, by definition (and by which this article has been influenced), means to “handle... Read More

5 Minutes with Kellen Harkness

JULY 13, 2016   It’s funny, but I’ve never really considered myself as someone who has “grown up” in the family business. I was very active in sports at an early age and the competitive schedules did not allow for me to work steadily in our store.... Read More

Stayin’ Alive

JULY 13. 2016- Here’s how to keep the family business going (White polyester suit not required) By Wayne Rivers   Last month we kicked off a series of three articles addressing why family businesses fail to do succession planning. You can check... Read More

Chapin Furniture comes back (bigger and better)

JULY 13, 2016- By Martin Roberts In early 2015, Joe Grimaud, a retired Air Force fighter pilot and now an HFA member, contacted me to help with the design of his new Chapin Furniture store in Chapin, S.C.   Our goal was to put an attractive building... Read More


JULY 13, 2016- Stores that enjoy enduring success have a purpose that remains fixed while their strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world.  By Gerry Morris What’s your core business? What’s the purpose of your business? The answer... Read More

Taking a Stand in Texas

JUNE 2, 2016 – David and Joey Gunn prefer to lead rather than follow the pack. It’s a philosophy that’s proven successful for Knight Furniture these past 104 years. It’s also a reason father and son are the Home Furnishings Association’s Retailers of... Read More

Succession Planning

JUNE 2, 2016 – It’s gotten so the big financial services companies produce a report about family businesses two or three times a year. They almost always tell the same story: Family businesses are woefully unprepared for management succession. They’re... Read More

More than just a pretty face?

MAY 3, 2016 – CELEBRITY IS MORE A PART of our lives than ever before, from Paul Newman’s sauces and Ellen DeGeneres’ dog food to Jessica Alba’s line of non-toxic household products. If we can’t get our favorite celebs to drop by, the next best thing... Read More