Passing the Baton

AUGUST 3, 2016- Your store doesn’t have to end with you when there’s no next generation. Here’s how to plan for the next chapter.   It may surprise you to learn that, according to the non-profit Family Business Alliance (FBA), 80 to 90 percent of... Read More

Guarantees and Warranties

AUGUST 3, 2016-   How do you use them in your store?   An odd thing happened on the way to my back yard. With rain pounding my home in Texas, I took a break between storms to (finally) install last year’s Father’s Day gift, a deluxe rain gauge.... Read More

From Quantity of Coils to Quality of Sleep

AUGUST 3, 2016-   Sometimes the past can help predict what will sell in the future   More is better! At one time coil count was the benchmark by which mattress quality was determined. While still a factor, the approach to mattress sales has... Read More

Giving Back

AUGUST 3, 2016   David Gardner serves more than his customers. His volunteer work reaches many throughout eastern North Carolina.   Some things never go out of style. In an industry that has seen its share of change and reinvention, David Gardner... Read More

Retailers offer plenty of reasons why they don’t plan for their future

AUGUST 3, 2016-   Our three-part series wraps up with a few more   Summer is heading for the homestretch and so is our summer series in which we address why family businesses fail to do succession planning. You can check out the first two columns... Read More

5 Minutes with Matt Shuel

AUGUST 3, 2016-   I’ve always been fascinated with the furniture industry. I started working as a delivery and set-up man when I was 14. I didn’t think the furniture business was for me at first. Finally, when I graduated from college the burning... Read More

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

AUGUST 3, 2016-   Today’s leading brands have discovered the “moment” that matters the most to their customers by identifying emotional points in the customer’s shopping journey. The goal is to give your brand an edge by emotionally engaging your... Read More

Hawaii 5-Wo

JULY 13, 2016-   The latest generation of family members leading C. S. Wo & Sons are five brothers who learned business and personal skills from their parents. Sometimes it was difficult telling the two lessons apart. By Robert Bell  ... Read More

Cash in on Rugs

JULY 13, 2016   Knowing the trends and display options is key By Sue Masaracchia-Roberts   Fashion and design in home décor hold more emphasis than ever before, providing an edgier way for those in the home furnishings market to compete. Nowhere... Read More

Draw Your Own Line In the Sand

JULY 13, 2015-   Determine your most profitable customers. Then go after them. By Jeff Giagnocavo   The title may seem confrontational but it shouldn’t. Manipulate, by definition (and by which this article has been influenced), means to “handle... Read More