Embrace the Competition

And Use Them to Your Advantage By Ginny Gaylor September 2016   W HEN IT COMES TO competition in business, most organizations and their leaders have an instinctive response—competition is to be feared. But while a competing business coming into... Read More

He’s Happy to Help

Dave Rotman’s focus used to be on producing 5-star movies. These days he’s creating 5-star customers. By Robert Bell September 2016   Dave Rotman was fast asleep—dreaming of happy customers perhaps?—when an email alert awoke him. Turns out one of... Read More

Store Politics

This campaign season, make a promise to examine your store’s performance. You might be surprised at what you find. And it beats kissing babies. By Marty Grosse September 2016   This political season gives us pause to look back while looking to the... Read More

Outdoor Comfort, Indoor Style

More consumers are furnishing their homes beyond their walls, and retailers are quick to respond. By Sue Masaracchia-Roberts September 2016   SUMMER’S HEAT MAY BE WANING, but outdoor fashion continues to heat up. Current trends keep evolving with... Read More

5 Minutes with Jeff Strutz

When my parents bought Black’s Home Furnishings in 1992, I would have said you were crazy if you suggested I would later take it over. I do a little bit of everything at the store, and to be honest, I’ve never thought of it as my dream job but the opportunity... Read More

The New Cardi’s Really is Larger than Life

By Connie Post September 2016   Converting existing buildings has always presented unique challenges. In the case of Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses in Wareham, Mass., the challenge came in the form of a 22-foot load-bearing fire wall that separated... Read More

Making the Right Hire the First Time

You already rely on your best employees to sell. Now leverage their skills to land your next hire. By Tom Shay September, 2016   Jack Rice, a longtime speaker in the small business arena, says there are three ways to find the best employees. The... Read More

Passing the Baton

AUGUST 3, 2016- Your store doesn’t have to end with you when there’s no next generation. Here’s how to plan for the next chapter.   It may surprise you to learn that, according to the non-profit Family Business Alliance (FBA), 80 to 90 percent of... Read More

Guarantees and Warranties

AUGUST 3, 2016-   How do you use them in your store?   An odd thing happened on the way to my back yard. With rain pounding my home in Texas, I took a break between storms to (finally) install last year’s Father’s Day gift, a deluxe rain gauge.... Read More

From Quantity of Coils to Quality of Sleep

AUGUST 3, 2016-   Sometimes the past can help predict what will sell in the future   More is better! At one time coil count was the benchmark by which mattress quality was determined. While still a factor, the approach to mattress sales has... Read More