Control your inventory before it controls you

The faster you turn your inventory, the more you pad your bottom line. CERTAIN THINGS ARE TRUE ABOUT champion business people: They are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves. They can decide on a strategy. They can prioritize and execute... Read More

Are your sales meetings an excuse to nap?

Maybe it’s time to shake things up. Starting this month, a three-part series designed to do just that. “You are cordially invited to a mandatory meeting.” This is an actual memo greeting one former retail giant used to announce all upcoming sales... Read More

Five Minutes with Tom Gadbois

I spent time working for a non-profit organization in the Twin Cities after graduating from college. I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I think what drew me into the furniture industry, and particularly FurnitureDealer.Net, is that my passion... Read More

Beware the Third Generation

Why do family-owned businesses seem to die just two generations removed? At a recent peer group meeting in western Kansas, we were taking a tour and learning a bit about the history of Foster Farms. In the early 20th century, Benjamin Butler Foster owned... Read More

The DL on the new OT Rules

A new law dramatically expands overtime protection. Here’s how it affects your store. In May, the Department of Labor issued its new overtime rules that go into effect December 1. There are two key components to the rule—one, the annual salary threshold... Read More

Faith in Each Other

October 7, 2016 – Robert and Connie Taylor took a risk when they decided to open their own furniture store. Thirty-nine years later, they’re still reaping the rewards. THIS MUCH HE KNEW: ROBERT TAYLOR COULD SELL furniture. Heck, he’d been doing just... Read More

Embrace the Competition

And Use Them to Your Advantage By Ginny Gaylor September 2016   W HEN IT COMES TO competition in business, most organizations and their leaders have an instinctive response—competition is to be feared. But while a competing business coming into... Read More

He’s Happy to Help

Dave Rotman’s focus used to be on producing 5-star movies. These days he’s creating 5-star customers. By Robert Bell September 2016   Dave Rotman was fast asleep—dreaming of happy customers perhaps?—when an email alert awoke him. Turns out one of... Read More

Store Politics

This campaign season, make a promise to examine your store’s performance. You might be surprised at what you find. And it beats kissing babies. By Marty Grosse September 2016   This political season gives us pause to look back while looking to the... Read More

Outdoor Comfort, Indoor Style

More consumers are furnishing their homes beyond their walls, and retailers are quick to respond. By Sue Masaracchia-Roberts September 2016   SUMMER’S HEAT MAY BE WANING, but outdoor fashion continues to heat up. Current trends keep evolving with... Read More